Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Being punished for going on vacation!

OK~ Here we go, again! The Broers household is full of sickness. When will it end? An 18 year old with streph throat is never a fun experience for anyone. Hubby has a headache and stuffy nose and hopefully the rest of us will avoid this- YIKES. I do not want any of it! So, we go on vacation, enjoy the sunshine and warmth- come home to cold, wind and rain. Do you see any connection here? I truly believe we are being punished for going on vacation. OH, and the family we traveled with- they have one child ill with a sore throat and Lisa is recovering from extensive dental work upon our return for an infected tooth! We were a traveling gang of 9 and 4 are down for the count upon returning home. Let's pray for good health and some warmer weather! Ice cream, posicles, and 7-Up have been the menu for the day. A fresh can of Lysol will hopefully do the trick! After all, it's all in a Mom's day, right?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Disney Fun!

OK~We just returned from a family vacation to Walt Disney World- a great time was had by all. At least I think. Now, with an 18 year old and a soon to be 14 year old, you would think I would not have to worry about food flying all over the place. Oh no, not when you travel with the Broers boys. We are eating at Pizza Planet, a Toy Story hangout at MGM. OK, it's now Hollywood Studios, but will always be MGM to me! Garrett looks at Blaine and says something- ticks Blaine off- so, Blaine tosses his last bite of pizza at his younger brother. I wanted to die! So, our almost 14 year old dumps his remaining cup of Coke all over his brother. I was in awe.................I looked around and people were, of course, looking at us. So, we now had one boy with a red/orange circle of his forehead and kid number two was now sporting a white shirt with tan streaks! So, I am now reporting that our two boys have now successfully embarrassed their parents by participating in a "food fight" while on vacation at the ages of 18 & 14! Sibling rivalry never stops at this house......After all, it's all in a Mom's day, right?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another mouse in the house!

I despise mice! Hate 'em, hate 'em, hate 'em. I don't like to use the word hate, but in this case I deem it appropriate. Last evening, I am lounging on the couch and see something seem to fly rather quickly around the corner of the doorway. I thought to myself, was that a mouse? Due to the fact that I have an eye Dr. appointment tomorrow, I began to think of ways to tell the eye Dr. that I seem to be seeing dark spots running out of the corners of my eyes. A couple hours later my son says, "Mom, did you see that?" I said," Look around the corner!" Yep, a mouse in the house--------another one! We have had too many of these critters around lately. Living in Iowa, surrounded by fields, these field mice need to head back to the field! After all, it is in the 50's outside now! On another note, I think I should fire all 10 of our farm cats, they don't seem to be doing their job! After all, it's all in a Mom's day, right?

Monday, March 16, 2009

The church photographer & The Broers family

OK~ I woke up at 5:00 a.m. today and could not go back to sleep- GRRRRR...My thoughts wandered and oh my, did they wander. I was taken back to a church directory family photo session, almost 13 years ago. Garrett was very small and Blaine was extremely talkative. The photographer was trying his darndest to get Garrett to stop crying, so Blaine (5 years old) came up with this wild statement! "You are a dude- hair on a horses butt!" Todd & I were mortified! Where did he come up with this one....Needless to say, the photo session ended rather abruptly and we were able to get A photo out of the experience. I had never heard of this, and of course, once I looked the word dude up- Hair on a horses butt was slang for the word dude. God only knows why the photographer even took a photo of our family or where my child had heard the word..................................After all, it's all in a Mom's day, right?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Boys & Cars

OK~ Blaine's always been kind of a worry wart! He has now transported his worries of himself, to his car. Ring, ring, ring---------Todd's cell phone is ringing and it's the 18 year old's ring, otherwise known as crash. We both hate it when he calls, as we dread to hear the news.........Well, Todd instructs me to call him. He is reporting that his car's coolant level is not perfect, the muffler is rusting out (car is 1 year old), and the car kind of of shakes. Todd has a few minutes to look the car over before work- car looks amazingly clean, as he willingly vacuumed the car out yesterday, due to the fact that a fellow employee needed a ride home, due to head lice! Who was fired from work due to hygiene and head lice issues. I won't go into detail as to where he works, so I hope none of you have eaten there during the past 48 hours! HELLLLO- Don't give people rides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok- on to the car- everything looks great. Car has proper fluid level, tire pressure looks good, oil level is perfect, and he cranks it up and it his Dad reassures him that the engine is purring. He's cool with that. Now, once we get the rear bumper repaired due to Mr. Hit & Run this past week, the car will be in tip top shape! Mr. Hit & Run has been extremely apologetic and knows he done wrong. Just a reminder that it's better to be honest and face the issues up front~ easier said than done! After all, it's all in a Mom's Day, right?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Paper towel boys!

OK~ I'm pondering where 22 years of marriage have went- Today, March 14, is our Wedding Anniversary and life has been an adventure, but worth every moment! Garrett, who is now 13, was being his usual stubborn self today and I recalled one of his interesting moments of 1st Grade. He's now in 8th Grade, and he even had to attend Saturday school today. So, that lets you know how this boy enjoys school- NOT!

1st Grade- I walk into Hoover Elementary to pick up my "sweet, innocent" 1st Grader. The teacher looks at me and says, "We had an incident!" I said something to the effect of "Oh, what did he do?" Thinking it was a he said/she said type of deal. Well, no, not that simple. She mentioned that he and another student had went to the restroom. Well, boys and restrooms, we know nothing good is going to come out of this!

While in the restroom, (not sure if they used the facilities) they decided to take paper towels- roll them in soap- then toss them up to the ceiling! Oh yeah, they stuck pretty darn good. She explained that she was concerned that he and the other student had spent more than an hour cleaning up the mess. But, her biggest concern was that Garrett enjoyed cleaning the mess up! He was able to work alongside his favorite school custodian, Butch.

I told her she had every right to be concerned. The punishment was supposed to be punishment, and NOT an event like a carnival game. Well, I gathered my child- contemplating to myself as to how I was going to handle the punishment for doing this crazy thing at school.

We were crossing the street in front of the school, escorted by the Principal. He looked at me and I said, "You know, I'm not sure how I am going to handle this! I am going to let his Dad handle the punishment. His Dad did the exact same thing when he was his age!" After all, it's all in a Mom's day, right?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Garrett & his sombrero!
OK~ If you have ever traveled to "The Valley" in Texas, you may have ventured into Mexico. We ventured with my parents over to Progresso, Mexico. It was quite the experience. Beings we were Iowans, this was an out of the ordinary experience. Culture shock to say the least! Now, look at this photo! How much stuff can one store hold? Blaine is walking with Grandma, as I am strolling ahead. I can tell you that this place was an experience in itself. The "stuff" was stacked, piled, and the store itself was stuffed to the brim! While we were strolling through this store, Garrett was bargaining with a street vendor ~ he purchased a very large sombrero! Oh, and the restrooms- be prepared to have $$ and carry your own Charmin! After all, it's all in a Mom's day, right?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

This Mom is NOT a waitress!

OK~ Garrett & I had decided that he was running a fever and should not go to school. I send him back upstairs to his room. It's about 6:30 a.m.- I hear, "bllleeepp." I thought twice about it. That's my cell phone; who is texting me? Well, it was a text message sent from Garrett- "Send up a drink!" I marched right up the stairs and said, "I am not a waitress, you can march down the steps, or across the hall to the restroom and get yourself a drink." I thought about it throughout the day and have decided that my kids think I run a hotel! Ah, all in a Mom's day, right?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Now Official, I am the meanest Mom!

Garrett got into a "little"ruckus at school yesterday. I'm told it involved four boys. Yep, all four 8th grade boys with raging hormones, you know nothing good is going to come out of this. After speaking with the associate principal this morning, I thought it would be best for Garrett to stay after school until 4:00 p.m. He was going to need a ride, anyway, so I thought 4:00 would be better than 3:20 p.m. Boy, did I hear it when I picked him up at 4:00 p.m.- "Mom, don't you ever set MY detention times again, I'll set them myself!" Well, let me tell you this- he would schedule this detention for June 5th the day after school was dismissed for the summer. Therefore, I was informed by my 13 year old son that I was officially the meanest Mom in the world. Well, it's all in a Mom's day, right?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My wallet:)

OK~Anybody tried one of these new style flat wallets? Well, my Mom gave me, my sister, and my sister-in-law one for Christmas. I do like it- at least it looks nice. BUT, for this 42 year old Mom, it's really not a very Mom friendly accessory.

I have to use my "old" wallet for my checkbook. But, since this is the year 2009, I'm probably not supposed to carry a checkbook, correct? My new flat wallet has the perfect place for my check card. OK- now try placing coins in the coin compartment. I really don't think that zipper compartment is for coins, as I have yet to be able to snap the crazy thing shut when I have any coins in that zipper compartment.

Now, as a Mom, I usually like to have a band-aid or two on me. There is a a flat compartment to place one of these, but if you actually do need to find it- Good Luck, I've found a fishing line is needed to fish it out!

For now, I'll keep using this crazy flat wallet, not sure for how long. It is very classy and makes me look like a "hip" mom. Although, I believe I passed those years many moons ago, if I was ever "hip!"

Thanks for the Christmas gift Mom! I really do like my flat wallet, just not sure if it's very useful! But, who says a wallet has to be useful, right? All in a Mom's Day, right?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

WALLY- One of the adventurous dogs at the Broers household!

Wally just "showed up" in the neighborhood almost 5 years ago. The Broers household adopted him and he has provided hours of stressful entertainment, as well as fun! Wally has been a wandering dog, to say the least! Shortly after he had arrived, Todd thought it would be a good idea to try to train him with a shock collar. So, he borrowed one- sounded OK. At about Day # 3 of wearing this thing, Wally is not liking it! The morning is extremely foggy and Wally is wearing the shock collar and Todd shocks him- Instead of returning to the house- he takes off. Lovely, we now have a Wandering Wally sporting a borrowed shock collar- All I can think of is, "How much money are we going to have to fork over to the person we borrowed this from?" The pressure was on to find him. Wally always has wandered and since he just "showed up," he is accustomed to wandering. The fog was denser than dense- After a matter of, what seemed like days, up and down the gravel roads, hollering, "Wally!" That crazy dog was no where to be found......Oh, about five hours later, I look outside,the fog has lifted and there sits Wally in the yard. Now, not sure where he had been, or if he had ever left the yard in all of that fog! After all, it's all in a Mom's Day, right?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A ride on the yellow bus!

OK~ How many times have you ridden your child's bus to school? Well, this Mom took action on the day that the older boys in the neighborhood came home to report that so and so had threatened -gulp- MY child on the bus. This Mom took action! Maybe more than she should have. I was a Mom on a mission. My plan: When the bus arrived the next morning, I would board with my son. AND, I did! My Kindergartener boarded the bus with his Mother right behind. The bus driver said, "Hello." I replied, "I'm riding the bus with my child today." Everything seemed fine.........I kept strolling to the back of the bus to find an open seat, and I found one! My son had found a seat next to a buddy towards the front.

Wow, this 30 year old Mom had a great view- every seat! We weren't two blocks from our house and a girl took her flute case and hit another student on the top of their head. Then, another child looked at me and gave me the finger. Well, this Mom was hot! I kept my cool, but knew this school bus was out of control. Another student threw another student's book out the window- All on a two mile ride to school, with a parent riding the bus! We arrived at school~ the building principal greeted me and told me that I needed to let my child grow up and let him "go," as he is in Kindergarten!

I then proceeded to the Administration Building where I had a nice chat with the, then Assistant Superintendent, who told me that my children belonged in a private school. These are the types of behaviors that were accepted in today's world. I was also told that I had put myself and the school district in a bind with some potential legal issues. Parents were supposed to notify the school administration when they wanted to ride their child's school bus. I thought, "Boy, I blew my chances at ever getting hired with that school district!"

Long story short- that same school district even hired me several years later as a para-educator. My six year stint was another adventure in my life. One that I am glad to say is behind me. Kudos to those of you that work in a school a daily basis, as I could not continue to do it! Oh, and that bus ride~ I never did it again and my son rode in the car the rest of THAT school year. Moral of the story, I guess the bus ride to school is NOT an extension of the classroom! Hopefully, you will never have to take a ride on that yellow bus with your son or daughter! Ah, all in a Mom's day, right?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring terminology!

Spring is here, I know it is! With the influx of Spring clothing, I'm reminded of a comment I made a few years ago. While working at a high school, I was in the hallway, standing by another teacher during passing time. She commented to me "Wow, the Spring clothing is coming out!" I said, "Yeah, I"m going to have to wear my thongs tomorrow!" The passing students turned to look at me and the teacher rolled her eyes at me. OOOOPPPSSS! I had now fallen into unchartered territory, the times had changed and my age was showing. I then pulled my brain together and said, "I will break out my flip flops tomorrow!" Ah, all in a Mom's day, right?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

T-shirts with a message!

OK~ an interesting moment as the fam & I are cruising through Menards. Hubby and both boys are walking in front of me...............As I'm trying to keep up with them- hubby's shirt has a screen imprint of a rather well endowed elk in a tight tank top. With "Nice Rack" imprinted across the shoulders. Son #1 is sporting a white t- that he was instructed to NOT wear to school- Rocky Mountain National Park- Do NOT piss on the Bears! Then, Son #2 is sporting his church camp counselor t-shirt-ahhhhh...............looks like this family needs this! Jesus said, "Come follow me!" in bright, bold letters! Geeze..............people had to look and wonder what's going on with that family! I conveniently stayed behind them, as I wasn't sure if I should know them.....Ah, it's all in a Mom's Day, right?

How do you know it is 2009?

Just a reality check! It's 6:45 a.m. and I'm yelling, "Boys, time to get up for school!" OK, the usual grumbling is in the background. About two minutes later, "Ring, ring, ring!" The telephone is ringing. I pick the phone up. "Mom, I don't feel good!" Good Lord! I'm in the same house as my son and he had to call me from his cell phone to tell me he did not feel good! I'm wondering what will 2010 bring? All in a Mom's day, right?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wow- I'm Here!

I can't believe I have jumped into the blogging world! I love to write, and this is a great way to share what is going on all around me. My boys keep me hopping 18 and 14! Two boys, four years apart has always proven to be interesting. Sibling rivalry has always been extremely high at our house. Why? I do not know! I'm looking forward to getting this blog really going and sharing some good laughs with those of you that follow along! After all, it's all in a Mom's day, right?