Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Being punished for going on vacation!

OK~ Here we go, again! The Broers household is full of sickness. When will it end? An 18 year old with streph throat is never a fun experience for anyone. Hubby has a headache and stuffy nose and hopefully the rest of us will avoid this- YIKES. I do not want any of it! So, we go on vacation, enjoy the sunshine and warmth- come home to cold, wind and rain. Do you see any connection here? I truly believe we are being punished for going on vacation. OH, and the family we traveled with- they have one child ill with a sore throat and Lisa is recovering from extensive dental work upon our return for an infected tooth! We were a traveling gang of 9 and 4 are down for the count upon returning home. Let's pray for good health and some warmer weather! Ice cream, posicles, and 7-Up have been the menu for the day. A fresh can of Lysol will hopefully do the trick! After all, it's all in a Mom's day, right?


  1. Ick...my family has been sick non-stop for weeks it seems...the cold weather can't help either. I hope your family feels better soon.

    I am following you now, come check me out!

  2. The price you pay for having fun, huh? No, LOL! Your body is just not used to the change of climate after a long winter and you had so much fun your systems are trying to keep up. :) Warm blankets, good movies and quiet, cozy times are just as fun since your home and can't do anything else. Be well - quickly.
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