Sunday, March 15, 2009

Boys & Cars

OK~ Blaine's always been kind of a worry wart! He has now transported his worries of himself, to his car. Ring, ring, ring---------Todd's cell phone is ringing and it's the 18 year old's ring, otherwise known as crash. We both hate it when he calls, as we dread to hear the news.........Well, Todd instructs me to call him. He is reporting that his car's coolant level is not perfect, the muffler is rusting out (car is 1 year old), and the car kind of of shakes. Todd has a few minutes to look the car over before work- car looks amazingly clean, as he willingly vacuumed the car out yesterday, due to the fact that a fellow employee needed a ride home, due to head lice! Who was fired from work due to hygiene and head lice issues. I won't go into detail as to where he works, so I hope none of you have eaten there during the past 48 hours! HELLLLO- Don't give people rides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok- on to the car- everything looks great. Car has proper fluid level, tire pressure looks good, oil level is perfect, and he cranks it up and it his Dad reassures him that the engine is purring. He's cool with that. Now, once we get the rear bumper repaired due to Mr. Hit & Run this past week, the car will be in tip top shape! Mr. Hit & Run has been extremely apologetic and knows he done wrong. Just a reminder that it's better to be honest and face the issues up front~ easier said than done! After all, it's all in a Mom's Day, right?

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