Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My wallet:)

OK~Anybody tried one of these new style flat wallets? Well, my Mom gave me, my sister, and my sister-in-law one for Christmas. I do like it- at least it looks nice. BUT, for this 42 year old Mom, it's really not a very Mom friendly accessory.

I have to use my "old" wallet for my checkbook. But, since this is the year 2009, I'm probably not supposed to carry a checkbook, correct? My new flat wallet has the perfect place for my check card. OK- now try placing coins in the coin compartment. I really don't think that zipper compartment is for coins, as I have yet to be able to snap the crazy thing shut when I have any coins in that zipper compartment.

Now, as a Mom, I usually like to have a band-aid or two on me. There is a a flat compartment to place one of these, but if you actually do need to find it- Good Luck, I've found a fishing line is needed to fish it out!

For now, I'll keep using this crazy flat wallet, not sure for how long. It is very classy and makes me look like a "hip" mom. Although, I believe I passed those years many moons ago, if I was ever "hip!"

Thanks for the Christmas gift Mom! I really do like my flat wallet, just not sure if it's very useful! But, who says a wallet has to be useful, right? All in a Mom's Day, right?

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