Saturday, March 7, 2009

A ride on the yellow bus!

OK~ How many times have you ridden your child's bus to school? Well, this Mom took action on the day that the older boys in the neighborhood came home to report that so and so had threatened -gulp- MY child on the bus. This Mom took action! Maybe more than she should have. I was a Mom on a mission. My plan: When the bus arrived the next morning, I would board with my son. AND, I did! My Kindergartener boarded the bus with his Mother right behind. The bus driver said, "Hello." I replied, "I'm riding the bus with my child today." Everything seemed fine.........I kept strolling to the back of the bus to find an open seat, and I found one! My son had found a seat next to a buddy towards the front.

Wow, this 30 year old Mom had a great view- every seat! We weren't two blocks from our house and a girl took her flute case and hit another student on the top of their head. Then, another child looked at me and gave me the finger. Well, this Mom was hot! I kept my cool, but knew this school bus was out of control. Another student threw another student's book out the window- All on a two mile ride to school, with a parent riding the bus! We arrived at school~ the building principal greeted me and told me that I needed to let my child grow up and let him "go," as he is in Kindergarten!

I then proceeded to the Administration Building where I had a nice chat with the, then Assistant Superintendent, who told me that my children belonged in a private school. These are the types of behaviors that were accepted in today's world. I was also told that I had put myself and the school district in a bind with some potential legal issues. Parents were supposed to notify the school administration when they wanted to ride their child's school bus. I thought, "Boy, I blew my chances at ever getting hired with that school district!"

Long story short- that same school district even hired me several years later as a para-educator. My six year stint was another adventure in my life. One that I am glad to say is behind me. Kudos to those of you that work in a school a daily basis, as I could not continue to do it! Oh, and that bus ride~ I never did it again and my son rode in the car the rest of THAT school year. Moral of the story, I guess the bus ride to school is NOT an extension of the classroom! Hopefully, you will never have to take a ride on that yellow bus with your son or daughter! Ah, all in a Mom's day, right?

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