Sunday, March 8, 2009

WALLY- One of the adventurous dogs at the Broers household!

Wally just "showed up" in the neighborhood almost 5 years ago. The Broers household adopted him and he has provided hours of stressful entertainment, as well as fun! Wally has been a wandering dog, to say the least! Shortly after he had arrived, Todd thought it would be a good idea to try to train him with a shock collar. So, he borrowed one- sounded OK. At about Day # 3 of wearing this thing, Wally is not liking it! The morning is extremely foggy and Wally is wearing the shock collar and Todd shocks him- Instead of returning to the house- he takes off. Lovely, we now have a Wandering Wally sporting a borrowed shock collar- All I can think of is, "How much money are we going to have to fork over to the person we borrowed this from?" The pressure was on to find him. Wally always has wandered and since he just "showed up," he is accustomed to wandering. The fog was denser than dense- After a matter of, what seemed like days, up and down the gravel roads, hollering, "Wally!" That crazy dog was no where to be found......Oh, about five hours later, I look outside,the fog has lifted and there sits Wally in the yard. Now, not sure where he had been, or if he had ever left the yard in all of that fog! After all, it's all in a Mom's Day, right?

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  1. Whats funny is there was another cat at the pound they showed on tv and his name was Walter and I just can't get that name out of my head and then I see you have a Wally :) I am gonna have to name my next animal Walter!


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