Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm now a referee!

OK~ Garrett is helping ( a coaches assistant) coach a 5/6 year old boys soccer team. I tell him to "bail" out of the car and get over to join his team. I then park the car and decide I will check in with the lady in charge, just to see if she is enjoying her new supervisory position. Next thing I know, I am sporting a whistle around my neck and am going to ref a 5/6 year old soccer game! The ref and the back-ups were not available! Hello????? Why can't people show up for one hour (max) to ref a game if that is their job?

I survived, but not sure how! Due to the fact that I cannot run, as I would have fallen flat on my face with my foot drop, it was interesting. Thanks to some understanding parents the game went well! I was reminded of the time I went to Cub Scout Camp and came home a Certified BB gun instructor (this Mom quickly learned to like guns) , as the help did not show up for that event either! Well, after all, it's all in a Mom's Day, right?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My soon to be graduate-

OK~Wasn't he a cute "little boy?" What happened? He will graduate from high school in less than a month! Time really does go by fast......If you have little kids, enjoy them! They grow up waaaaaayyyyy too fast. As a Mom, always a Mom! After all, it's all in a Mom's day, right?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine flu in your neighborhood?

OK~ How many of you have heard the term "swine flu" before today? I have heard of the word, but had no idea what it is or was. Well, I believe over the course of the next week we will all know more about it than we care to imagine!
Looks like good old soap and hand sanitizer will be the norm everywhere we go-

The trick- How do we make sure that our kids are using soap when they are at school, etc? I guess it's through faith and maybe a little luck! After all, it's all in a Mom's day, right?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Bullying in schools

OK~My heart is aching for this poor Mom in Atlanta, Georgia. Her eleven year old son hung himself due to the ongoing bullying he endured each day while attending school. This is HORRIBLE! I may be stepping into unchartered territory, BUT, let me say this. I have worked at a high school, have witnessed this type of behavior, have followed school procedures when I needed to, and then allowed the "Powers that be"-aka- School Administrators. Unfortunately, many times at this level is where the ball was dropped. I can honestly say I also witnessed the so called "seasoned" employees turn the other way when they saw these things happen.

While witnessing a fight in the cafeteria, I became involved, and was highly scrutinized by fellow employees. The case did end up in court, but I knew I did was "right." Our schools need to take back control and take the control away from the "kids." I say a prayer every day when my kids leave for school, and I can honestly say I am counting down the days when my kids will be out of the traditional school setting.

Maybe an event like this will wake a few up! But, hello? This poor Mom has lost her son due to the unacceptable behaviors that society has now said is, "OK."
Say a prayer for this Mom, after all, it's all in a Mom's day, right?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Graduation quickly approaching

OK~ I am ready for life to slow down at any given moment! When will the Broers household have a "normal" day. Oh wait, normal includes the washing machine blooming with mold, the clothes dryer blowing cool air, the 9 month old car needing a new battery, teachers sending e-mails that (G) is not doing his homework, the winds blowing 40 mph with the screens flapping in the wind, jumping in the car to find the gas gauge says (E), and of course the trails of new mice in the house! When will this stop??????????????????????? Oh yeah, and then I have a pile of graduation invitations that need to be mailed. I guess I could solve that problem by going to the post office, right? Well, and then a menu for the graduation party- I need to get moving......................It'll be here before I know it! Well, after all, it's all in a Mom's day, right?

Monday, April 20, 2009


OK~ Here we go! A great Iowa weather report. The calendar says April 20th! The actual air temperature right now is 42.6 degrees with a wind out of the North west, gusting to around 28 mph.....Iowa, gotta love it OH, the current windchill is a whopping 36 degrees...........Time to put away the shorts and t-s and break out the winter coats, mittens, and hats! After all, it's all in a Mom's day, right?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cause of sickness? Maybe........

OK~ I was having issues, with my washing machine, from you know where last Friday. Therefore, I started troubleshooting online. Through my search, I found a class action lawsuit for the make and model that I own- Woohoooo! The problem.....MOLD! Interesting, as we have always blamed our clothes dryer as the source of our "smelly"clothes. Well, we now have the culprit, the front load washing machine. I will NEVER own another one of these again. My husband cleaned the machine the best that he could and adjusted the water setting, which are supposed to help the mold issue.

Next, the clothes dryer. Of course, it is the partner to the front load washing machine that I despise. Due to the ever increasing amount of "lint," this machine needs to be vacuumed out monthly to function properly. Or so I thought. After researching on line, we also have a clothes dryer from you know where. So, a new thermostat is on order. It literally took all day to dry a load of clothes today.

OK~ on to more fun. This set was the biggest waste of $2,000.00 I have ever made. The set is not even five years old. Upon discussing my situation with an appliance salesman, he reassured me that 5-8 years is the average lifespan of an appliance in the year 2009! And, your clothes dryer should be vacuumed of lint once a month- YIKES! I am computing the fact that I HAD a washing machine that was 17 years old, functioning properly, and I donated it to cherity. I had spent a whopping $400.00 on it in the year 1987. In the year 2004 it was working GREAT....I'm now kicking myself. Now, should a new washer and dryer be in my future, I will NOT be spending $1000.00 per unit- I will be looking for an inexpensive unit, as I will be having to fork out another hundred dollars or so in about 5 years.

Well, after all, it's all in a Mom's day, right?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

5 Signs that my kids are really sick!

Ok~ Due to the fact that I have had a sick child a lot this school year, I now have the 5 things to look out for when my kids are REALLY, TRULY ill.

1. I hear the words PLEASE and THANK YOU on a regular basis.

2. 7-Up is requested for a drink.

3. Bedtime comes around 7:00 p.m.

4. An electric blanket is requested while laying on the couch.

5. Oh, and the request for the cool washcloth!

I honestly hope that we never have a never ending flu like season at our home again. From streph throat, influenza, ear infections, diarrhea and vomitting. This Mom is tired of the runny noses and all that accompanies this season! Who would have thought- My boys are 13 3/4 and 18 years old! I feel sorry for Moms that have little kids........................After all, it's all in a Mom's day, right?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Another Easter Memory!

OK~ My mind started wandering, AGAIN! I recall Easter Sunday in 1995. I was pregnant and our youngest son was born on May 13th of that year. I was wearing a black dress with cream colored flowers throughout the print. There were several lovely buttons on that dress. We were in church and we were all standing to sing the first hymn. Well, when it came time to sit back down, I started to sit down and had a lot of resistance. Me, being the strong willed person I am, continued to sit down! Well, this poor woman, that had VERY long hair was in the pew ahead of us, and it had became entangled around a button on my very pregnant belly! Her head flopped back, along with her hair! I was so embarrassed! I apologized and sat through the service with a "red" face! That poor woman! After all, it's all in a Mom's day, right?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a great time celebrating Easter with the Dixon's. The kids had a great time and boy, little Jadon sure keeps right up with everyone! Jadon is truly a blessing to our whole family. With a new sister coming in three months, Jadon will surely grow up to be a big brother rather quickly (HA!) A three year old little farm boy is going to be out digging in all of the dirt he can possibly find, right? I do pray that Jadon's new little sister is healthy and I know she will be another one of God's blessings to our whole family! Christ has risen and it's just another reminder that we will see our beloved Justin again! 17 was just too young and someday we will all understand why things happen the way they do.- Happy Easter to everyone and I do hope you were able to celebrate with family and friends! After all, it's all in a Mom's day, right?

Saturday, April 11, 2009


OK~ Spring has finally (I hope) sprung in Iowa! I was walking towards the barn and saw some glass on the ground. I looked upward and it appears as though the broken windows were literally blown out over the winter. Which, took me back to this little incident. Todd is outside looking at the barn and noticed several windows had what appeared to be holes in them. So, he hollered for our youngest son (12 at the time). He says, "Garrett, do you have any idea how these holes got in all of these windows on the barn?" Garrett replies, "NO!" As he is sporting a bb-gun! After all, it's all in a Mom's day, right?

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What's your status?

OK~Everywhere I go or everywhere I visit I seem to hear or see the words, "What is your status?" I think to myself- Let's see, my current status. I'm stressed, frazzled, tired, worn out, not looking forward to another cold day in Iowa, or maybe I am actually feeling GREAT! So, what is my status? My current status: Sara is glad that Wednesday is tomorrow, another day closer to the week-end! Is that accurate? Probably so. If you Twitter or travel through Facebook you are reminded of your current status.................Maybe status will become the word of 2009. With kids around your status probably has something to do with those munchkins. After all, it's all in a Mom's day, right?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Are you in this photo?

Ok~ I'm browsing through photos of our vacation, which seems like a long time ago, but in all reality it was just about 10 days ago AND I'm wondering.......How many photos am I in that I did not pose for? Now, this particular photo shows some people, but not too many. There were places where it was extremely crowded and cameras were going everywhere. Do you know any of these people besides me? Just kind of curious. Have you ever seen yourself in another person's family vacation photos? I'm thinking, "I hope nobody ever took a photo near our family when one of our boys was having a temper tantrum!" After all, it's all in a Mom's Day, right?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My list of 10 things I recall of growing up on an Iowa farm!

  1. My siblings & I could fight and nobody else could hear! (sorry Mom)
  2. Bicycle rides to the "corner" on a warm, summer evening.
  3. Getting up at the crack of dawn to walk beans.
  4. Road trips to the local grain elevator were not complete without a stop at Wayne's for a push-up or Popsicle.
  5. Being able to talk my Dad into purchasing a horse- those were years my Dad would love to forget!
  6. Riding in the back (gasp) of the 1978 Chevy pick-up to a field to pick up rocks!
  7. Driving the combine through the corn fields, unfortunately, my track record was not good, as things usually broke down when I was maneuvering that big, piece of farm equipment.
  8. Sitting on the deck holding a baby kitten.
  9. Crying with my dog, Brownie, when I was in trouble.
  10. OH, and number 10- I would have to say is that pigs were just pigs, and not the smelly critters that they are known as today. That good old farm "smell" used to mean money, but no longer in Iowa! That smelly air that we all breathed in would never meet the air quality standards of today.
Times are much different today, but the memories of growing up on an Iowa farm were moments that I do cherish. Time passes by so quickly~enjoy each day! Iowa farms are very different today. With fewer farmers and fewer farm families, even the logistics are very different. Many farm places no longer exist, and all that remain are a few trees. Good times, as well as good memories!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A couple Disney secrets!

OK~For those of you thinking of venturing to the magic of Walt Disney World. I have a couple little tips for you. Did you know that there are trading cards that you can ask for from cast members that work in the transportation department? For example, while waiting in line to board the ferry boat to the transportation & ticket center (ttc), ask the cast member if they have a trading card that they could give you. If they have one, they will probably give you one. Looking to ride in the front car of the monorail? Do NOT ask to ride when the line is miles long. A quiet time, maybe the middle of the afternoon, or if you have stayed until 3:00 a.m. for the late night hours of the Magic Kingdom, it's the perfect time to ask to ride in the front car. Just a week ago, our family rode in the front car four different times. ASK, but know when to ask! I also can't tell you how many times I overheard people make comments that they did not read the fine print at the bottom of their fast passes, which told them when they could obtain another fast pass. Pay close attention to that time, as it can save you and your family a lot of wait time in long lines! Just thought I'd share some of the tips I've learned. Most of all pack your patience! After all, it's all in a Mom's day, right?