Friday, April 24, 2009

Bullying in schools

OK~My heart is aching for this poor Mom in Atlanta, Georgia. Her eleven year old son hung himself due to the ongoing bullying he endured each day while attending school. This is HORRIBLE! I may be stepping into unchartered territory, BUT, let me say this. I have worked at a high school, have witnessed this type of behavior, have followed school procedures when I needed to, and then allowed the "Powers that be"-aka- School Administrators. Unfortunately, many times at this level is where the ball was dropped. I can honestly say I also witnessed the so called "seasoned" employees turn the other way when they saw these things happen.

While witnessing a fight in the cafeteria, I became involved, and was highly scrutinized by fellow employees. The case did end up in court, but I knew I did was "right." Our schools need to take back control and take the control away from the "kids." I say a prayer every day when my kids leave for school, and I can honestly say I am counting down the days when my kids will be out of the traditional school setting.

Maybe an event like this will wake a few up! But, hello? This poor Mom has lost her son due to the unacceptable behaviors that society has now said is, "OK."
Say a prayer for this Mom, after all, it's all in a Mom's day, right?

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