Saturday, April 4, 2009

My list of 10 things I recall of growing up on an Iowa farm!

  1. My siblings & I could fight and nobody else could hear! (sorry Mom)
  2. Bicycle rides to the "corner" on a warm, summer evening.
  3. Getting up at the crack of dawn to walk beans.
  4. Road trips to the local grain elevator were not complete without a stop at Wayne's for a push-up or Popsicle.
  5. Being able to talk my Dad into purchasing a horse- those were years my Dad would love to forget!
  6. Riding in the back (gasp) of the 1978 Chevy pick-up to a field to pick up rocks!
  7. Driving the combine through the corn fields, unfortunately, my track record was not good, as things usually broke down when I was maneuvering that big, piece of farm equipment.
  8. Sitting on the deck holding a baby kitten.
  9. Crying with my dog, Brownie, when I was in trouble.
  10. OH, and number 10- I would have to say is that pigs were just pigs, and not the smelly critters that they are known as today. That good old farm "smell" used to mean money, but no longer in Iowa! That smelly air that we all breathed in would never meet the air quality standards of today.
Times are much different today, but the memories of growing up on an Iowa farm were moments that I do cherish. Time passes by so quickly~enjoy each day! Iowa farms are very different today. With fewer farmers and fewer farm families, even the logistics are very different. Many farm places no longer exist, and all that remain are a few trees. Good times, as well as good memories!

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