Sunday, May 31, 2009

I got to meet Lisa Nichols!!!!!!!!

OK~ An experience to get out of the Broers driveway by noon on Friday and to arrive at the Minneapolis Convention Center by 5:00 p.m. Friday evening. Todd was traveling on minimum hours of sleep and I was just ready to get on the road. Jeremy was kind enough to head out to The St. Croix Bluffs Regional Park to land us the perfect camp site for the week-end. Since I had won this opportunity, Kari suggested we camp all week-end. You know, the worst part of the week-end was packing everything up to head home. And, of course we bucked a North wind on the way to Minneapolis & a strong South wind on the way home! Just can't win in the travel department.

Lisa Nichols is the author of a book called No Matter What. If you are truly looking for a great, easy read book, you will love her book. She does challenge you to think about yourself along the way. She is full of energy and has a drive to succeed! I am so grateful to Momlogic for allowing me the opportunity to meet her. My sister and I were personally escorted back to meet with her a few minutes before her program. Wow- she is a powerhouse!

The evening was awesome! What amazes me is that there were 300 something people in this room on a beautiful Friday evening in Minneapolis to hear her! This just motivated me to get moving on some more speaking engagements and to keep the focus on where I want to go!

Anyway, the week-end was awesome! Weather was beautiful and the St. Croix river was beautiful. Just wish it wasn't a 3 hour drive to get there! Well, after all, it's all in a Mom's day, right?

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