Thursday, June 18, 2009

A typical day--UGGHHHHH!

OK~ The day starts out OK- dark, black skies to the West, but looks ok. Blaine is scheduled to be at 9:00 a.m. to enroll in Fall classes at NIACC. Should be a 3-4 hour ordeal. I left it up to him if he wanted me to accompany him. Well, with all of the hoops these recent high school graduates need to jump through, I totally understand why some young adults say "forget it!" Enrolling at a college is a tedious process. It really tests the time and patience of young adults, and parents as well. We patiently wait our turn- of course, "they" forgot about us. After a longer than usual wait, he is officially enrolled. I do pray he will be on the two year term for an AA degree, as opposed to the three year program for a two year degree- fingers crossed!

Due to the stormy looking skies when we left home, we hopped in the 1993 Taurus. Nobody told me to not remove the key from the ignition. That's what I did! When we went to leave NIACC, I could not get the key in the ignition to start the car. After many frustrating moments and words, I broke down and called Todd. Of course he's awake, but only for a few minutes more. He agrees to come and rescue us. He arrives and I get the lecture of, "NEVER TAKE THAT KEY OUT!" OK......I WON'T...I PROMISE.......Car starts after a few maneuvers and the key did not break. I was afraid the key was going to break off when I was trying to start the car.

We then headed home and I pondered to myself, "Why do I take this car?" This is the same car that I took to Boy Scout camp exactly one year ago. That was the time when I had all of my gear in the trunk of the car and NO KEY to get in the trunk! I trained 6 Boy Scouts rather quickly in how to break into the trunk of a car. They removed the back seat and VOILA- my gear and all! After all, it's all in a Mom's day, right?

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