Saturday, August 15, 2009

Golfing with the boys!

OK~ Just returned from a round of 9 holes at the golf course with two of my boys! I refused to sit in the house AGAIN, as everyone else got out and did something. So, Todd & Garrett returned to the golf course ( they had golfed 9 holes this a.m.) for another round of 9 holes. I have not golfed since my back surgery and let me tell ya- I pushed my whole body to the limit this time! Three years ago if you would have told me that swinging a golf club could cause so much stress on my lower back, I would have laughed at them. All you do is swing a club, right?

From the bunkers, fairways, pars, bogeys, and birdies, I experienced a little bit of everything. Garrett took control of the steering wheel of the golf cart and carted me from green to green! And ya know, we did get to use that Christmas Gift that I gave Todd many, many years ago- that LONG ball retriever- yep, I hit one right in the water! But, we found it. By the end of the 9 holes I had my original tee and my original ball. I can honestly say that Garrett would be happy spending an hour retrieving balls from the water!

Garrett had to give me a quick refresher course at the first tee off......I smacked the ball and he carted me up to my ball and I tried to stick a tee in the ground. He said, "MOM, what are you doing? You only use a tee off the first hit. Oh yeah, it came back to me. I looked around- thank God there didn't appear to be any bystanders............

And these numbers on these drivers and clubs. You know, it did not matter what club I had in my hand. A 6, 7, 8, 3, 9- they all do the same thing in my eyes. But, I do understand the concept of a putter- no problems there.

Not sure how soon I'll be hitting the course again, as my body is telling me too much is maybe too much! Maybe next time I'll hitch a ride in the golf cart and leave the swinging to the boys! After all, it's all in a Mom's day, right?

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