Wednesday, September 16, 2009


OK~ What a way to start my day. I turn on the CBS Morning Show and a clip is rolling with a boy getting beat up on a school bus. Now, I can't imagine the horror the "innocent" kids felt, and I can honestly say I was angry when I saw several kids cheering the fight on. Now, my 9th Grader does ride the school bus daily and I can honestly say that I am confident that he would defend himself if necessary. This whole society we live in- where these rude remarks towards each other, bullying in schools, and general acceptance of so many things that are wrong- NEEDS TO STOP! When will it stop? I honestly don't know. Kudos to the young man that stood up to the bully and stopped the beating. Now, a representative from the school district was also interviewed and he said the bus driver has been questioned. I'm sure many may ask, "Why didn't he stop the bus?" Well, think about it- logistically, it is probably not possible to just, "Stop the Bus!" Food for thought for the day- be nice to someone today and see if you like the response you get! 99% of the time this does work. But, I can honestly say I had to call a customer from my part time job yesterday. She let me know that my call was not necessary and she knew where things stood. Whatever.........She had just questioned some things a few hours before, and I had answers. People need to wake up! A little respect goes a long way. After all, it's all in a Mom's Day, Right?


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  2. I know what you mean! What is wrong with people these days? That poor child...and kudos to the only one that stood up and stopped the fight.

    Love your blog!

  3. bullies suck.
    as for being's crazy how being nice and not a jerk can change someone else's attitude. last night i got really mad b/c we were in the airport parking garage for one hour and two minutes and had to pay the additional TWO DOLLARS for the two minutes...I blame the construction at the air port. Anyway, I was mumbling about how stupid it was (hoping she'd agree and wave the fee) but I made sure to add..."But I know it is not your fault and you are just doing your job to the best of your ability." Can you believe she thanked me and told me how people get so mad at her...I didn't save those $2, but that's okay.

  4. Hi there Sarah,
    Stopping by from your note on mom logic.. And I say "amen" to this post! Kids are WAY out of control these day's people and downright rude! And college grads have this huge sense of entitlement; I wish we could all just be pleasant! Why is that so hard? Are there no such things as manners anymore? Stop by and say "hi" anytime!


  5. when i started to read the first couple lines of this post, i thot u must hv been really worried about your boy's safety on school bus. but then u said you were confident that your boy would defend himself!!!!! that really kinda enlightens me, i mean, if you could teach your kids to be brave and stand up for themselves, why should u be worried in the first place!!!
    great post!


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