Friday, September 18, 2009

I want REAL food!

OK~ How many times have your kids said to you, " I don't want that! I want real food!" Now, I am not a chef, by any means. But, when I do cook, I do try. When I have the time, things turn out fairly edible, but when I get rushed, things can turn not so tasty. Just tonight I made pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sliced up some watermelon- sounds pretty good, huh? Garrett looks at me and says, "We are eating that? I want real food!" Now, how much more real food could this meal have included? His idea of real food, which is probably most teenagers idea- pizza, pizza, and pizza! Go figure, this Mom can't win in the meal department. After all, it's all in a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. Breakfast for dinner is THE BEST food. Your kid is crazy for not thinking that's great! Maybe you need to assign your kids a meal each week (or maybe once a month), including the necessary grocery shopping. Make them put the menu together (mom approved, of course), figure out the ingredients, go to the store with you for whatever you need and have them help you make it.

    How can you get away with it? Well, for one, they'll get what they want for at least THAT dinner. Second, and more important, chicks dig a man that can cook. :)


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