Thursday, September 24, 2009

A typical day with Skipper!

OK~ Skipper- You love him or hate him! He and I have the perfect Love/Hate relationship. Today, a typical day. Skipper was harassing one of my little kitties and I caught him. I yelled at him, which meant nothing. He's just like a kid, as he turns off any and all listening ears. I am still in my pj's as I am trying to get him in. Thank God we live in the country..........Who wants to see a 40 something year old lady outside in her pj's? He then thought I would play ,"Chase Skipper." Nope, this Mom said NO. I gave up on him and let him sit outside in the rain- He did NOT like it. He then disappeared. I then thought I should get in the car to try and find him. As I get in the car (I now have clothes on), I adjust the steering wheel and look forward. Skipper is staring at me, while sitting in his kennel with the door open. I should have know that he would just find his kennel on his own. Maybe there is hope for this almost two year old dog.....My niece says at the age of three labs find their brains. I hope she was wrong and meant to say two years! After all, it's all in a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. I had to come to your pets I love animals and your dogs are funny from what you say so typical in dogs hehehe. I enjoyed reading your stories about them Thanks will return to read updates on them. I love labs and they look precious. I only have a cat right now and my husband is really wanted a dobie. But I will be the one walking and chasing them around hehe.


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