Thursday, September 3, 2009

What would you do???????

OK~ I won't say names, but a couple of my close family members ventured into unknown territory this past week! They were traveling in another state and followed campground signs off of an interstate. Now, there should not be any problems, right? WRONG-------they ventured into a nudist campground! Now, this Mom must live in a very sheltered world, as I had no idea that such a place existed. Just another indication of what we Mid Westerner's don't know about our country. What would you have done? My family member's left rather abruptly, as quickly as they could, but were confronted by a member of this community. My opinion, if these clubs are so exclusive and private (which they should be) why wasn't this area gated off so vehicles could not enter? Just a Mom's rambling here, I guess............The other thing that stuns me is that, this is a family oriented campground...........lots to think about here....Where are our laws in this country? Well, after all, it's all in a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. ha ha -of all the things that could happen. I honestly don't know what I would have done!
    stopping by from mom logic and am following you now!


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