Sunday, September 27, 2009

What's a kid to do???

OK~ I have decided that our kids/teens/young adults of today have no clue as to how to use free time in a constructive manner. I question myself, as well. Is blogging something constructive to do in my free time? Personally, I think it is. It is a hobby and I enjoy it! Our kids of today are so programmed- if they don't have something scheduled on the calendar, they honestly do NOT know what to do. I see this in my two boys (18 & 14) and several young people that I come into contact with throughout the week. I just glanced at the calendar on the wall in our kitchen and it's not crazy. So, that will leave down time for my two boys! Will they know how to handle their free time........Probably so- by camping out in front of the television set, playing PS3, or possibly doing their homework! After all, it's all in a Mom's Day, Right?

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