Thursday, October 1, 2009

A frustrating trip to the grocery store!

OK~ It's truly duck weather in Iowa today. Lots of cold, rain, and wind! I made a "short" stop at the grocery store. I picked up some meat, milk, bread, and the like. After the clerk bagged my groceries, she handed them to me and said, "You got 'em" I pondered, yeah........I got 'em! I carried these two bags to the car and thankfully the bottom didn't fall out! What Mom doesn't hate that when that happnens? I got home- a few miles down the road- carried my groceries in! Guess what? My meat was still at the store. I returned to the grocery store and nobody seemed to know where this meat went. The person behind me in line is probably contemplating how he will marinate those juicy steaks for supper tonight! The manager of the grocery store was apologetic and added up the value of what I did not receive. So, back to the meat counter I go, and of course; there is another LONG line. I patiently waited my turn, purchased my meat, and made sure I had all of my meat, as I carried this sack to the car! Lesson learned- make sure you have ALL of your groceries, before you leave the store. I know through the years I have forgotten a gallon of milk beneath a cart- and just thought, "Oh well." But, I really needed this meat! I feel like I have spent 90% of my day in the car! After all, it's all in a Mom's Day, Right?

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