Sunday, October 18, 2009

Life's little blessings!

OK~ My niece, Mara, was baptized today. I reflected upon these little blessings in our lives that so many of us take for granted waaaayyyy too often!

  • Children- These little people are truly a gift from God
  • Life- Enjoy each day, in the blink of any eye, we can be on another journey
  • Mousetraps- Those crazy things are a blessing in our home
  • Parents- Without them, who would I be?
  • Siblings- They are a part of a true foundation
  • Sunshine- It truly does brighten any day
  • Lysol- In the world of H1N1, we should all be stock owners in this company
  • Teachers- Dedicated professionals that work hard (too bad some are lazy)
  • Farmers- Without them, what would our grocery stores look like?
  • Family- Wow- I love 'em all!!!!!!!
After all, it's all in a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. hey sara,
    stopping over from mlc, got your 411 about your blog and thought i'd stop by and say "hi!" i love this post, it makes you stop and think about what the important things in the world are! big time! have a great night!


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