Sunday, November 22, 2009

Appliances are out to get this Mom!!!!!

OK~ This Mom has had it! The appliances in my home are junk! My theory is to buy the cheapest appliance on the market, as in five years time most need to be replaced anyway. This Kenmore HE3 Elite Washer is what I currently own- Hate it- waste of money! And, of course I have the worthless clothes dryer to go with it, just four repair jobs in five years. Many repair jobs, along with the smell and noise that this machine puts out. I did approach a salesman at Sears about our washing machine, he told me that they know the machine I have is no good, but they have updated it. All he wanted to do was show me the updated version. Well, hello? This Mom did her homework when she purchased this one, it was rated at the top in Consumer Reports! Not buying a HE3 Kenmore Elite, again!

Now, onto our furnace, which is five years old. We have had three service calls in five years. Yep, and another call in order tomorrow. And, of course, we bought a name brand, top of the line furnace. Again, I swear we would be money ahead purchasing a lesser known brand and going at it with the attitude, in five years time, it will probably need to be replaced. I seriously do not see the value of paying more for so called "quality." In the grand scheme of things, I do see this as job security for the repair man that will show up at our home tomorrow. I guess, there is a bright side to all of this!

The irony of all of this- Before this new furnace- the previous furnace in the home was 55 years old. We knew we would have to update it when we moved in, but did not realize that less would be better. We could have purchased a less expensive furnace that still functioned at a great rate in the world of today's furnace ratings. A little side note, the 55 year old furnace had been serviced yearly and had not had a service call, or any repairs, in 20+ years. This new one isn't anywhere near the quality that one was! Well, I guess, I take it all in stride! Hopefully when the dishwasher goes- it is five years old- I'll be home to catch all of that water!

Seriously, when shopping for new appliances, this Mom will look at price. If you gotta replace it in five years time; why fork over thousands of dollars, when you could fork over a few hundred? After All, it's All In A Mom's Day, Right?

This blog post is based on this Mom's opinion and experiences , just as all my other posts are.


  1. I can understand this hubs bought a washer adn dryer froma scratch and dent place about 15 years ago and they both lasted for 13 years with no issues...we replaced them both and now the new washer needs to be serviced and is acting crazy but we paid a good price for it. now we wish that we couls have found another deal at the scratch and dent. what is it all for a sales person to get a commission??? we could have saved his commission and used that for the service call...:)
    good luck with the price wars

  2. Our appliances drive me mad! Like our dishwasher that the door broke off of within a year of buying it, or the stove that doesn't fit right and scrapes the wall when I open the oven door! Argh!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and complimenting my photography!. I'll try to get over here more often too!

  3. I live in appliance purgatory as well. It seems like no matter how much research I do I always buy the junk.


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