Sunday, November 15, 2009

H1N1 Vaccine Craziness!

Ok~ This Mom is trying to understand when/how some people will ever get vaccinated with the H1N1 vaccine. I know there are thousands of people that want the vaccine, but are unable to, due to supply issues. A recent dilemma brought to my attention- In our community, caregivers of infants under six months old have qualified for special clinics. But, should that caregiver be over 49 years old, have asthma, or have a cold- they will have to be vaccinated at a later date. Therefore, I'm sure many that would like to protect their newborns, are simply unable to. Another scenario that I recently learned of: Dad was able to be vaccinated, Mom was not due to dry throat, and 3 year old brother was unable to receive the vaccine. This 3 year old, that lives in the home, with a four month old, cannot get the vaccine because he does not go to daycare and does not have a chronic health condition. So, the Dr. recommends- Keep him home, do not take him anywhere! Ok- this three year old is pretty much housebound- no YMCA activities, trips to the grocery store, nor Sunday School. Not sure what the solution is, but what on earth is a family to do? Our county is following the guidelines put out by the CDC, which are pretty self explanatory, as it makes sense that people with chronic health conditions should receive the vaccine first- But, hello? Did I not read that President Obama's daughters received the vaccine? I'm a little perplexed, people in many communities all over the country, with chronic health conditions are still not able to get this vaccine and healthy kids/adults are getting this vaccine! Oh, and how on earth are kids supposed to get their second dose, when many won't have had their first dose? What a mess! This Mom is glad that her kids are healthy, older, and will (cross my fingers) survive this nuisance flu should it hit here! I wonder what could have been done differently, but I'm just a Mom, so we will wait and see! After all, it's All in a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. H1N1 has me confusaled I think it is terrible but not sure about the rest. You are so right who determines where and who gets the doses?

  2. We are not getting - husband made executive decision, and I don't think we are in high risk group although we have young kids. Who knows anymore?

    I read that in the UK the vaccine is by invitation only - so they are inviting people with high risk factors, such as people with lung problems, pregnant women, etc. - and so vaccines are prioritized. There is no shortage there. This sounds logical to me, but I think that people would get hysterical if they doled out vaccines. We prefer to have it the old fashioned way, I guess, luck, connections & money, lol...


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