Thursday, November 12, 2009

People- if your kids are sick- LEAVE THEM HOME!

OK~ I'm at K-Mart in the check-out lane. There is one woman ahead of me and a mother/son behind me. The little boy is obviously not feeling well. I hear his Mother say, "I told you not to touch anything!" Next thing, little boy sneezes, coughs, and stuff flies out of his mouth onto the candy at the checkout lane. Note to self: That is why it is never ok to buy candy/gum on a last minute basis. The woman ahead of me has now left with her purchases. Now, it is my turn. The cashier rings my one item up and next thing I know this little boy is tugging at my legs and his Mother is saying, "I told you not to touch anything, we were only coming to the pharmacy to pick up your medicine, you are highly contagious!" Another note to self: Disinfect my whole body when I return to work.......

Why on earth did this Mother drag this sick child through the store? I can understand dragging an ill child to the pharmacy to pick up his medicine, and then LEAVE- Do not shop with an ill child! I just don't get it----What's a Mom to do? After all, it's all in a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. AMEN to that! That is why I hate taking my young babies anywhere. I hate when they get sick :(

  2. We stay in and don't go anywhere when we are sick. I hate going somewhere and seeing a child that is obviously very sick.


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