Thursday, November 26, 2009

Seriously- How to stay sane during the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Ok~ This Mom has played the game of let's do "it all" during the Christmas Season. Now that I am 43 years old and my boys are 18 and 14, this Mom says, "No More." Sure, there are some activities on the family calendar that are a Must. So, what MUST a family partake in:
  • The Christmas music program at school
  • The Sunday School program at church
  • The rehearsals for these two events
  • The occasional school band concert
  • Collecting donations for your local food bank and delivering them
So, what can a family say "NO" to and NOT feel guilty? This is my list-
  • A visit with Santa Claus at the Mall- (what parent wants to risk H1N1 this season)?
  • Buying presents for ALL classmates (in today's economy, this Mom says, "NO WAY)!
  • Attending community choral concerts
  • Spending down time at the Mall (poor example to set for our kids)!

Short, but straight to the point lists. Why put yourself through any added hustle and bustle of the season? Christmas should be a time of reflection of the birth of the Christ Child. Not by how many places we can go, how many presents we can buy, or how much money we can spend? God needs to be first in our lives, and then followed by our families.

When we do put him first, everything else somehow manages to fall into place! I hear so many people complain about how they cannot enjoy Christmas- the answer is pretty simple- Say NO to extra "things." And, engage yourself and your family in the joy of the season- include the birth of Jesus Christ in your families activities this year! Try it, you just might like it! If you choose to participate in activities that have meaning for your whole family, you will say, "Thank You" to yourself on December 26th! After all, it's all in a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. This is such an awesome post - and so very important, since as mother's we often tend to over-extend ourselves! What an important reminder, to keep the real reason for celebration, firs tand foremost in our minds... and all else falls into place. I love that!

    I also agree whole-heartedly with your list of priorities vs. the things that aren't necessary. Defintiely a great way to minimize the stress/drama of the holidays!

  2. You are so right. It saddens me that my older kids don't know that He is the reason we celebrate Christmas. I am doing what I can to change that though.

    I think it is so important to teach our kids that priorities need to be in place... and presents are not a priority.


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