Monday, November 30, 2009

Soyphisticated Candles from my hometown- Mason City, Iowa!

OK~ Bet your wondering where you can purchase one of these awesome candles? Well, head on over to

These candles are made in my hometown: Mason City, Iowa. They are made of natural and renewable soy- and NO paraffin or beeswax. Now through Dec. 5th, Soyphisticated Candles is offering free shipping. Soyphisticated Candles also offers organic lotions, balms, and soap. Oh, and if you are looking for laundry soap, they also offer powder, bricks, and stain sticks. I am currently burning a beautiful aromatic soy candle, Alpine Snowdrift (love it)! This Mom loves the clean, burning candles that Soyphisticated Candles offers. So, if you are looking for a unique gift from Iowa- check it out! You will not regret your choice! Head on over to After All, It's All in A Mom's Day, Right?

The above post is based on my person experience and opinion. I did not receive any compensation to post this.


  1. I love soy candles they always have a great scent and burn for a long time

  2. Oooh nice plus kudos for supporting Iowa biz!

  3. I love some soy candles but find I need to select them carefully as some have an odd undernote to them that overwhelms whatever fragrance they are scented with. These candles don't have that problem?

  4. These candles are even available unscented. I have not found the aroma of these to be overwhelming, I do know what you are referring to.


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