Friday, November 13, 2009

Ways this Iowa family is going GREEN!

OK~ What are you doing to live green? Well, this family struggles in that department. Thanks to and Blue Avocado, this Mom is now hip when she heads to the grocery store! Yep, I carry some pretty sharp looking bags in with me. Seems like a pretty simple way to contribute to a greener environment. Now, how about all of those bottled water bottles that many of us purchase weekly? Well, invest in one really nice water bottle and refill that bottle, from your own tap, and take it with you! Think about that- You have now eliminated the three plastic bottles that you probably would have tossed into a trash bin. So, what's a Mom to do, in regards to shopping locally? Well, get in touch with your local Chamber of Commerce and find out where the local Farmer's Markets are in your area. Here you will find fresh fruits, veggies, and the liking for a great price! Think of all the transportation costs that have been removed, as by purchasing fresh produce, you have helped keep our air cleaner! So, this all sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? In our household, we all have to think about living a greener life, but by practicing daily, it does get a little easier. By shopping with reusable shopping bags, investing in ONE water bottle, and by shopping our local Farmer's Market; this Iowa family is turning a little greener! has provided our family with lots of great ideas, in regards to going green. So, if you have a moment, swing by their web site and check them out! After All, it's All in a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. I've been using cloth grocery bags for about 2 years (I'm due for some new ones actually... I just have the "store brand" ones now.) And I love them.

    Also, I love your tip on the water bottle. I got an aluminum bottle a few weeks ago, I'm really loving it!

  2. Great post! We really ought to be doing more. Im ashamed to say we don't even recycle. *head bowed in shame* However, we do try to purchase and use organic cleaning products (that's important esp. for the baby, who puts everything in his mouth now). I love the tip about keeping the one water bottle and just refilling it. That is very doable - will share that idea with DH!


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