Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bootstrapped In Iowa!

OK~ Many of you know that Sept. 2006, brought many changes to my life. Having been an active family- downhill skiing, water skiing, hiking, distance walking, running, etc....I was forced to find my way like never before! Through my faith, family, and friends I was able to pull up my bootstraps and keep on trekking! After sitting around staring at the walls and partaking in physical therapy appointments day in and day out, I really realized what I would do with my life.  Having battled thyroid cancer a couple of times, I should have known I'd be able to pull up my bootstraps!

I LOVE to talk and write! My Mom jumped on the bandwagon and sewed me several puppets. So, I put together a program for youth and have enjoyed presenting how I was forced to pull up my bootstraps and move on. I've also spoken with several civic organizations, womens groups, and church family programs. Learning how to walk again was not an easy undertaking, and learning how to live with a foot drop has been another challenge. I am living proof that when you put your mind to doing something, you can make it happen!

I spoke at a local church and some of the youth attended school with my son. Several kids told him the next day, "Wow, your Mom is cool!" What a great feeling- I believe my son was rather stunned- as was I! I refuse to let my disability take charge of my life- I attribute my successful recovery to my faith and the strong bootstraps that my parents gave me while living in Iowa! Youth are a passion of mine- and together we can make a difference! I have spoken with many people around the state of Iowa and would love to venture out and share my story!

If you are interested in a program within your church or organization, send me an e-mail at Knowing that I have made the difference in how our youth and adults treat each other, and helping them gain a new respect for themselves; is fulfilling in itself. From groups of 5- however many you can imagine. My puppets interact with youth and sometimes with the adult groups- just depends on what your group would like! 2010 is just around the corner- I'd love to be a part of what makes you and your friends tick! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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