Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Do You Panic When The Weatherman says SNOW????

OK~ I live in Iowa. We do have snow, ice, winds, etc......So, the weatherman says ,"Potential (key word here) snowstorm moving in for the end of the week." I swear every person within a 30 mile radius heads to the grocery store. I do realize that if the power does go out, these items would be greatly appreciated. But, is it really necessary to panic and stock up? Common sense in today's world says we should have an emergency kit on hand. In this kit we should have:

2)bottled water
3)peanut butter
5)canned vegetables
7)personal hygiene products

Why do people panic? This is the year 2009 and the chances of being snowed in for weeks on end is probably not going to happen. I had to stop at the grocery store yesterday and witnessed this chaos- I picked up some hamburger buns. I did not pick up an extra gallon of milk, extra loaf of bread; as that potential "big" storm is on the way. But, every other cart had several gallons of milk, loaves and loaves of bread tossed in their carts. Maybe I should have followed their mode of panic! Unfortunately, at this point, I do think it is going to hit! So, do you panic or go along with the flow when a winter weather storm is in the forecast? After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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