Friday, December 25, 2009


OK~ Santa came and everyone is happy! Garrett asked me if he could sit in the "whisk?" I looked at him and said, "The What?" He then said, "Can I sit here?" He was referring to the wicker chair that has been relocated since my Christmas tree arose from storage! BTW- How long do you think my tree will be up? It remained in storage an awful long time! Who knows, this Mom may have this tree up through Valentine's Day! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Merry Christmas! We put our tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving. It's about time to pack it up for us!

  2. No worse than my son complaining about all the 'asspertisements' on the radio the other We have a new tradition in the last few years, we keep the tree up until epiphany...usually a week into January.

  3. My tree might stay up a little longer this year, I didn't get it out as early because I had major surgery in Iowa City Nov. 17 and came home 2 days before Thanksgiving. I was blessed with great doctors and God has blessed me with health. Cancer was found in Sept., they removed everything that had cancer and will only have to do sandostatin injections once every 3 weeks for the rest of my life, no chemo. So every day has been Christmas to me since then and will continue to be for the rest of my life. I am grateful it turned out like it did.

  4. Hey Sara - thanks for visiting my little blog. Man your boys are tall! My kids are tall too - daughter is 6'3", son is 6'2". So, like you, I look short against them even though I'm 5'10".

    Keep the tree up all year long! Decorate it seasonally! Easter eggs in April, flags for Independence Day, pumpkins for Thanksgiving. Whatever works!


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