Friday, December 18, 2009

Our life with a teen driver in the house!

OK~ Dec. 2008, our then 17 year old son decided to drive down a minimum maintenance road in December, in IOWA! The word minimum maintenance means that the road is not cleared of snow during the winter. Beings that road signs must be over rated, our son decided to try to venture through- NOT happening! My brother had to dig him out!

Fast Forward to Dec. 2009- Same Road~ different car! He was only about a 1/2 mile from home and hoofed it! He and his Dad dug the car out around lunch time the day after he buried the car in a 4 foot snow bank! I am anticipating that in Dec. 2010 we should just pencil another incident like this on the calendar.

Maybe he will have learned this time. He did write his Dad a nice letter, right? After All, It' All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. December of 2010 - In a letter to his now 18 year old son dad writes:

    Dear Blaine,

    If you get your vehicle stuck on Laura's road again... you will be digging it out by yourself... with a teaspoon. ;-)

    Just letting you know in advance...


    Aren't kids great! You think they would learn... then again how many times did I run out of gas as a teen and it was less than $1 a gallon back then!

  2. Tonya - love your response! PERFECT!! Luckily for us here in Seattle we have less snowy days and have had no trouble like this with our 17 year old! She just helps me do errands and it is the greatest thing in the world!!

  3. Maybe we will have to wrap up a teaspoon for him for Christmas with a new emergency kit for the car!


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