Sunday, December 20, 2009

Planning a Disney vacation? Magical Endeavors may be just what you need!

OK~ If your family LOVES Disney like my family does, a great resource for your travel plans is a Florida based company known as Magical Endeavors. They have a very handy website: John and Stacey can answer any question that you may drum up and will help you plan your Disney vacation; so you get the best bang for your buck!

Looking for something different to do on a Friday evening, check out Magical Endeavor's sponsored chat: I personally have taken part in this chat and have found it to be fun and informative.

Magical Endeavors offers several ways of communicating with YOU- the Disney patron!

You can link up with Magical Endeavors through twitter at:

If Facebook is your preferred choice:

If you like to actually talk with a real person, dial 1-877-223-0685, Magical Endeavors will gladly discuss your vacation plans with you.

If e-mail is your preferred method of communication, try the following:

Many people dream of taking a Disney vacation, but don't think that it is affordable. If you take the time and use your resources wisely, you will find that a Disney vacation can fit into your budget. The folks at Magical Endeavors will work with you to fulfill your dream of a magical Disney vacation. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on twitter, jump on Facebook, make a phone call, open your e-mail account, or join in a Friday night chat; you will find some great advice on your dream vacation. Magical Endeavors will help you with your date with Mickey & Minnie Mouse. Make it happen, contact Magical Endeavors with your preferred method of communication and you will find yourself in the most magical place on earth!

This post is based on my own opinion and experiences. I received no compensation for posting this.

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