Friday, December 11, 2009

Typical conversation

Ok~ We all know that growing boys EAT A LOT! Well, Garrett is 14 years old and a growing boy- and I am officially the midget in the house now- Garrett is 5'10" tall, I'm 5'9" and his brother and Dad are over 6'. I kind of bribed him to get his haircut- I casually asked him if he'd like Taco John's for supper- well, of course, I knew the answer to that one! The kid eats 6 tacos and a large potato ole! I then casually threw in, "Let's go get your haircut and hit Taco John's." He AGREED!

We got his haircut- looks good! And then hit Taco John's. Ordered a 6 pack and a pound and 2 extra tacos. Should be plenty for he and Dad. I was not hungry for tacos, so I swung into McDonald's- I wanted my $1.00 McChicken Sandwich- thank God you don't have to wait 7 minutes for the chicken sandwich, like the breakfast chicken sandwiches. I placed my order- Garrett is sitting with BAGS of Taco Johns on his lap- Here's the conversation:

Garrett: Mom, We can't come through McDonald's drive thru with Taco John's sacks
Me: Why Not? I'm hungry too.
Me: Could not stop laughing-------

Garrett placed the Taco John's bags in the back seat, under a blanket, out of sight! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Haha at "think we are swines". Classic! I'm very afraid to think about how much my 3 boys are going to eat when they become teenagers. They already eat like horses!

    Hope all's well, found your post link from Twitter, I need to add you to my linky thingy!


  2. that is too funny!
    I always wonder what they think when they look in your car...
    My hubby likes Taco Bell and I would much rather Arbys or something... so its the SAME conversation with us! LOL

  3. I have gone through more than one drive through before. Sometimes we just want different things. :)

  4. Ok, ok...I'm going to admit it...I am GUILTY of going through 2 drive-thru's for MYSELF (and yes, I hid the bags). Technically it was for my son too since he was in my womb. A pregnant woman just cannot make decisions very well!


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