Saturday, December 26, 2009

Winter in Iowa!

OK~ This is Winter in Iowa! If you have never experienced building a snow fort, you have missed out on Winter. When I woke up this morning I commented, "Man, if I physically felt better, I'd be out playing in the snow!" The sun was shining (something we had not seen in quite some time) and the snow was glistening amongst the trees. Garrett and Todd made the best of the day. I am sure many 14 year olds would frown at this activity, but Garrett loved it! The snow was great and look how far they were able to get~ maybe tomorrow it will be a lot bigger. They envision this being an "extra" room! Time will tell.

I am thankful that my boys have had the opportunity to experience life in Iowa and the great outdoors. I think of the many kids that live in a city and have such a different way of life. Being an Iowa farm girl for 43 years, I have to say I appreciate the way of life that we have in Iowa. Things are fairly laid back, although we Iowans sometimes think things get pretty crazy. But, in the grand scheme of things, Iowa is a pretty darn good place to call home. I wonder how many other 14 year olds can return to school after Christmas break to say, "Hey, I built a snow fort with my Dad!" Sad part of the matter, my son will probably be too ashamed to say what he did. Most teens his age will think it's a pretty strange activity. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. That's awesome! We have tons of snow here in MO too but I don't have a partner for building a fort and it's just not as fun without a partner. We scooped up some and brought it inside for my little one to play with on the tile though I'll post pics this wed.

    thanks as always for visiting an reading my blog. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  2. Ok, I am seriously jealous! Yes, I know that most of you get sick of snow...but I want it! I want to build a really cool snowfort with snow guards.

    Awesome job! You will have to post pics when it is finished.

  3. My blog post started out the same way - winter in Iowa, but it went downhill from there. LOL Love the pictures! That is so neat that they did that together! Enjoy the weather today, lord knows when more snow will be on it's way. LOL

  4. I'm kinda jealous! That is amazing-we almost never get snow here and if we do it's about an inch or less and lasts a few hours. LOL!


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