Monday, January 25, 2010

Another partial snow day~this Mom is ticked!

OK~ Here we go again! Mason City Community School District will be dismissing classes two hours early. Earlier in the day I arose to a woman talking about 40+mph winds with an inch or two of snow in the forecast for our area. This was a lady from the National Weather Service, speaking on KGLO News this morning. These people from the National Weather Service are usually pretty good at forecasting the actual day's weather. Right after her report, several schools were delaying classes due to the impending weather. These that had originally delayed classes, did cancel. The morning goes on, snow flurries start to fly- the winds pick up and by noon- We have 0 visibility. Garrett is scheduled to be released from school at 1:18 p.m.- 2hour early out. Here's where the fun begins: Garrett does not hear Bus #2 announced. I guess all the bus kids gather in the Commons area to listen for their bus to be called. Garrett misses the bus. Therefore, Mom and Dad have to travel to town to get him. A teenager missing the bus is something that we, as parents, just learn to deal with. You say, "Ugghhh..!" Get in the car and go get him.

Well, we were in a 4 wheel drive pickup- and less than 1/2 mile from our home, 0 visibility and bucking snow drifts! We ventured down the gravel road, very slow. Came to the highway- managed to turn onto it- after traveling one mile and meeting several cars on the wrong side of the road- we had to figure out how to get back home ourselves. I then call the Transportation Director who reports that busses are out and having no problems- I'm thinking- You people don't get it. We have a blizzard warning, car accidents with vehicles literally piled on each other- and you are sending school busses out! Hello!!!! We had a difficult time getting back home- and we were just 2 miles from home~not 10!

I am happy to report that Todd & I made it back home safely. Garrett is in town, staying with a friend. His friend's Mother was kind enough to say she would wash his clothes if necessary, as these winds are with us until midnight! I wish our school district, would just for once, consider the safety of the few of us that reside in the country. We pay property taxes, try to follow the school rules, and are actively involved in our kids' education. But, when it comes to these types of issues- our kids get the brunt of it! There is a safer day to have school!

Maybe next time (Just maybe) a wise decision will be made in regards to weather and school dismissal. This is not the first time these types of incidents have happened and I'm ready for a little bit of respect! Oh, and another thing I don't get- running the busses on snow plowed roads only- that's a no brainer- you don't have school if the plows haven't went! Consider the safety of ALL kids and employees in the school district!

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