Sunday, January 31, 2010

Have you tried Country Bob's Barbeque Sauce~ it's a rockin'


OK~  I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to experience what Country Bobs has to offer in the line of sauces!  Wow, it's some good tasting stuff!  Now, some of you know, I am not a fancy cook by any means. 


A homemade burger, with some onion rings, and some tangy Country Bobs All Purpose Sauce, made a pretty darn good burger!  Fairly simple, anyone can enjoy something like this!  Yesterday we had friend chicken with it- my boys like to throw barbecue sauce on their chicken and Country Bobs All Purpose Sauce sure agreed with their taste buds!  

It was in 1968 when Country Bobs began experimenting with different, tasty sauces.  In 1982, Country Bobs became what it is known today.  You can find this fancy all purpose sauce, along with other tangy sauces in stores near you.  Through Country Bobs web site, you can locate a store near you that handles these products.  The recipes are plentiful and you will taste the "love" that goes into each bottle of sauce that is made just for you!

Treat yourself, go online and check out Country Bobs .  In the upper right hand corner, there is a little box that you can click on to give your family the opportunity to try Country Bobs!  My family enjoyed Country Bobs All Purpose Sauce and I'm sure yours will too!  From hats, to recipes, to unique salt seasonings;  Country Bobs will find your dinner table to be pleasing to your taste buds, as it was to ours. What are you waiting for?  Head on over to Country Bobs and find something to "wow" your dinner table! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

 I did receive two complimentary bottles of All Purpose Sauce for review purposes.  The opinions expressed here are mine, and not the opinion of anyone else.  I did not receive any compensation/payment for posting this post.


  1. Thanks for stopping over and visiting with me.
    I will have to look for this sauce. Hope your having a great weekend.

  2. I got some of this to review too.. that looks so yummy I haven't tried it yet... I am hungry now LOL

  3. We love Country Bobs! In their recipe book I made their Honolulu Burgers!!! LOVE THEM!


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