Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lady, you need bi-focals!

OK~ I know I can't read things up very close.  About four years ago, yep- Four years ago my eye Dr. told me I would be looking at bifocals in my near future.  Low and behold, I made it four years.  Here's how the conversation went:

Eye Dr:  How are you seeing?
Me:  OK
Eye Dr:  Are you able to read things close up, like a book?
Me: Ummmmmm......I think so
Eye Dr:  And what does that mean.
Me:  OK- that means I can't read things close up.
Eye Dr:  Let's take a look and see how things are.
Me: OK

Well, things were NOT ok.  You know that little thing they make you read that kind of turns- I read a mish mash of letters, not words which were printed.  He managed to skirt around the dreaded word bi-focals, he said he would fit me in some multi-focal contact lenses.  I am trying them and I have to say I do like them!  On another note, I honestly think these multi-focal contact lenses are just a nice way of saying, "Lady, you need bi-focals!"  After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. haha i know EXACTLY how that feels. i had to get bifocals bout a yr or two ago. when he told me i looked at him stunned and said, 'what?' lol mine have a very small bifocal area at the bottom center. none of those lined ones for me! haha

  2. I just got "progressive" no line bifocal glasses this year! Best thing ever!!! Not like the old grannie bifocals! LOL


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