Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Privacy Act/Forms in the Medial Field~Scares the Begeezeese out of this Mom!

OK~  I was on a mission today, to collect my medical records from 5 different medical offices.  Sounds fairly simple, right?  Well, it actually was.  But, I truly question how all of this works.  Yesterday I called these offices to ask them if they could have my records ready for this afternoon- they kindly said they sure would.  Lesson learned here:  At 1 out of 5 offices - I was asked for my identification.   And it just so happens that the one that asked me for my identification had prepared medical records for me that belonged to someone else!  I kindly obliged and said I would stop back later and pick MY MEDICAL RECORDS  up.

I am now thinking about this.  Do you know how easy it would be someone to steal your identity through your medical records?  From my personal experience today, I would say it is fairly easy.  All someone would have had to do is sign your name on the form and date the form, which I did.  I thanked the gentleman that asked me for my identification- he was the ONLY one that did.  I'm thinking there needs to be some new thinking on all of these supposedly "PRIVACY" papers that we have to sign at our Doctor offices.  How about documentation of some sort of identification if your medical records are picked up by the patient?  I suppose there's probably some sort of privacy violation if they would have requested a copy of my identification (Driver's License)- I would not have objected,  as this would be a deterrent for someone wanting to steal my Medical Records.  To the best of my knowledge, my medical records are mine, and not anybody else's!  My mind is racing.....UGGHHHH....After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Wow. That is scary! Hopefully they come up with a better way of doing things soon. Sadly most companies need to be shown the flaw in their system before they fix it.

  2. I guess with ours at the time they just know me and knew they were mine, but still, this would be plenty fine with me.

    They did once pull another file for hubby, and dentists office made appointment for someone else (by same name) other than my son. It was crazy. We had to wait forever to be seen because of the error. I tell them dob's now when scheduling appts.

    Off topic...sort of...not even worst of dentist office. Another time they called me to confirm, I said 'we'll be there'. We show up and she says that I said we weren't coming; no confirmation. called me and I said we'd be here. Then she leans over and checks a paper and says, 'oh, did.' HELLO. Had to wait for forever that day too. I wasn't rescheduling b/c of them. Already had others at grandma's; didn't know when else we could plus rescheduling could put us 2 months down the road because they are always busy.

    Sorry...HAD to share. ;)


  3. Wow that is extremely scary, worked in doctors office as a manager and we would never allow records or x-rays without proof. Seriously should complain to each office manager/doctor that is dangerous. Thanks for the eye opener!


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