Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy 19th Birthday, Blaine!

OK~It just seems like yesterday I was standing in a grocery store and an aquaintance said to me, "Sara, When are you gonna have that baby?"  I looked down and said, "I had him Saturday (it was Monday)."  I can recall that day just like it was yesterday.......In 19 years we have experienced a lot~ Here it goes~Things we have experienced with this young man!

  • I remember the day we purchased a toy vacuum in KMart - Grandma was with- I was at the checkout and he threw himself down into one his tantrums (banging head on floor)- Grandma literally opened the toy vacuum, and he pushed the toy out of the store.
  • I remember the day we were thrown out of Sears- I've blogged about that as well- The vacuum lady saleswoman did not like us!
  • I recall how he would stand on a table in a restaurant and point at the ceiling fan.
  • Vacuums and ceiling fans consumed a lot of his earlier years!
  • I can recall how he went out to the barn- no lights- and it was dark outside.  He was petting all the cats at the cat food bowl-NOT he was petting an opossum..
  • I remember the day he got behind the wheel of a car- scares me to this day!
  • I know that cell phone jingle ANYWHERE!!!
  • High School Graduation Day~ A proud moment!
These 19 years have went by VERY fast!  Here's to hoping you have a great birthday and enjoy everything that life has to offer you.  The world is BIG- take it all in!  After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Time does fly, doesn't it?
    I feel like just the other day, my baby was born..
    He will be one in 2 weeks...

  2. I keep trying to post a comment here but it wouldn't accept it-"user error" I'm sure. I found your fun blog because someone I follow on Twitter was posting in #community the other night & voila, found a mom from Iowa with two teen boys like me. I retweeted your plea for followers the other day :o)

    This birthday post was great, I like how you listed some memorable moments. My guys are 14 & 16. It's amazing how time starts to move at warp speed when their that age.


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