Tuesday, March 30, 2010

All that glitter~

OK~ Am I the only Mom that tossed out the glitter for my boys for Craft projects when they were young? The drawing card for me:  Blaine was maybe 4 at the time.  He came running up to me after Sunday School and I was wearing my nice, new, black wool winter coat.  I really liked that coat, up until that moment.  
He was running and saying, "Mommy, mommy, look what I made?"  Well, I reached down, not thinking to look at what he made, and swept him up into my arms.  Poor choice!  His glitter project was, of course, FRESH!  He pasted his project right onto the upper left hand corner of my new, beautiful winter coat.  The glue was fresh, the glitter was abundant- I let it dry and left it there for several years.  It kind of looked like a star, not sure if that's what it was, but that's how it looked on my winter coat.  

Any other Mom's worn their kids' craft projects for a few years? Oh yeah, went home and threw out all of the glitter for any future craft projects!  After All, It's All In A Mom's Day, Right?


  1. I am sooo not a crafty mom. I HATE glitter, play-doh and especially Moon Sand. They are all BANNED in my Trenches!

  2. I know this makes me a mean mom, but I never bought any! Don't tell the other homeschool moms. They'll laugh at me, since it is apparently essential to roughly 3/4 of young child art projects. But I hate the stuff. I always skip the glitter in crafts.


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