Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hand dryer/paper towels~ How are we supposed to dry our hands?

OK~ How many times have you went to use the restroom in a restaurant?  Probably, several.........Well, you go in, do your thing- then wash your hands.  Then, the hunt begins!  Where are the paper towels?Where is the automated hand dryer?  Then you begin to think- Who in their right mind designed this place? Ahhhh Haaa.....You should have known to look- ACROSS the room.  Of course, you meander across the room- hands dripping wet, leaving little water spots on the floor.  I guess all in all, this is probably job security for the people that clean the restroom.  Oh, and the insurance companies must also love this- a lawsuit is sure to come somewhere down the line. Someone will slip and fall on those darn, little water spots! This situation gets even better when you have little kids in tow!  Have you experienced this? After All, It's All In A Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Yes I have, almost everytime I go into a Walmart. Ugh.... The last time there was this very nice mom with 3 little kids trying to get them all to wash their hands, and wash them correctly I might add... with soap and all. lol Very impressive in a crowded Walmart bathroom. Then there were NO towels in the dispensor. The hand dryer had a sign on it saying 'broken' and this poor woman had to convience her now wet children, with the properly washed hands, to dry them on their probably dirty winter coats. Oh.. she was a saint in my book... she kept cool and smiled the whole time! :-) So there's my story for the day. LOL ~ Coreen

  2. Yep very few public restrooms think to locate the drying equipment towels or blow driers near the basins :(

  3. Personally, I hate hand dryers - they take too long and don't do a good job! On the other hand, they never run out of air! What to do, what to do...


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