Monday, March 29, 2010

I think I'll keep this guy around!

OK~ Many of you have met Skipper in person or have read about him.  Either way, you probably feel like you know him.  He's currently laying down (yes, he does rest) on the floor behind my chair.  He has done his share of damage in his 2 years and 2 months of life.  He has harassed too many of my cats (and still does).  I really have grown to like him- and the reasons are:

  • He doesn't chase the mail lady anymore (just not as often), the treats she tosses him must not be to his satisfaction.
  • He keeps my legs warm while he lays on them.
  • He actually comes, well most of the time, when he is called.
  • Blaine took him for a car ride for a walk in the park.  When they left the yard Skipper was hopping all over the car.  He made me smile (I like that). 
  • It has been more than three days since we have had a carcass hauled up by the doors to the house. Thank God~ no deer head this year!  
I really wondered about him a few months ago.  But you know, Skipper~ I really do like you and hope we have you around for many more years to come!  After All, It's All In A Mom's Day, Right?


  1. We love our furbabies don't we? I have 2 unusual dogs called a Bug (half boston terrier/half pug=Bug). They give me so many reasons to smile and the love I get back from them is the greatest.
    I think Skipper has won your heart.

  2. Winning your trust is the first part of my
    master plan.

  3. Gaining your trust is the first step of my master plan!
    Now I can concentrate on step two, Which involves eliminating the competition. I have already started digging the holes (graves) in the yard.

    Sincerely, Skip


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