Thursday, March 18, 2010

Note to health insurance companies~ BE PROACTIVE!

OK~ I'm one stressed out frazzled, frustrated Mom!  I am currently doing everything in my power, in regards to my health, to avoid another back surgery.  As we all know, back surgery is always risky and there are no guarantees.  I was advised by a wonderful Dr. at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Mn. to learn some new ways to cope with the pain.  Try physical therapy, try chiropractic care, try massages, etc.....I took the advice of this Doctor seriously and am trying to do what he suggested.  I do feel the easy way out would have been to ignore his advice and go under the knife right away!

I did the physical therapy and now have a good home routine; in hopes of continuing to build on the strength and exercises that I learned.  Continue to go to the local YMCA- walk on a treadmill (major accomplishment) and lift weights!  I had a little chat with my insurance company today- talk about disgusting!  Did you know that an insurance company does not care when a person starts taking charge and doing things that are good for their bodies?  I will admit, I am very thankful that we do have health insurance.  I honestly don't know how you people get the medical care you need when you don't have any health insurance.  

Now a family YMCA membership is just a monthly expense and the whole family benefits.  After three chiropractic visits I can say I feel better- not 100%, but better.  Each Chiropractic visit runs a little more than $100.  My health insurance covers $40.00 per visit- you do the math.  I am currently going 3 x a week.  Those visits will decrease in time.  I don't expect miracles, but hope to feel better and begin to enjoy life again.  BUT- AGAIN- these health insurance companies do NOT care about that!

And to top it all off- this is MARCH~ they pay up to $1000.00 per year!  Well, let's see I don't think I will have any problem topping that.  And, my Chiropractor is in my PPO- very important!  But, if I can find a Dr. to operate on me- BINGO- no problem, my insurance company will willingly fork over the money for that!  This makes NO SENSE TO ME!!! Does it to you?

As of yesterday I was not for health care reform- guess what?  Today I am.  Things cannot get much worse than they are for me now!  Financially- this sucks!  Insurance companies would rather pay for someone to be confined to a wheelchair, immobile,  depressed and not enjoying their life!  Well, I'm taking charge- it will break the bank, but I'm living my life!  For some reason God put me on this ride, still wondering why?!  Would somebody enlighten this Mom and let me know when our insurance companies are going to start being PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE? BTW- I also think our education system needs to be proactive instead of reactive as well.  That's a whole other blog post!  After All, It's All In A Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Oh dear I've always thought this - insurance companies are a rip-off and will take you for every penny they can get. No, it doesn't make any sense to go for the surgery but not alternative fixes :(

  2. I am with you girl on this, we do need some kind of health care reform. I am currently paying my $5,000.00 deductible from the last part of 2009 and already met my $5,000.00 the first week of January due to the cost of my shot to prevent new cancer. Add that up and you can see I am paying off a $10,000.00 deductible bill. I am thankful for insurance but I have to pay my deductible before insurance pays.

  3. I am sure there is at least one good insurance company out there - I just wish it was mine! Have gone through many struggles with insurance companies, and wish they would lean more on doctor recommendations.


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