Monday, March 22, 2010

What's the hurry?

OK~ Just returned from a short trip up town.  My personal thoughts to other drivers:

  • Do Not Text While Driving
  • Use your turn signal
  • Do Not tail gate me (I'm really tired of this)
  • The speed limit is 55 mph for a reason
Is it that everyone is in such a hurry to get from Point A to Point B, that we have thrown all common courtesy out while driving in 2010? I do recall when our oldest son was driving with his permit, that he and I had a discussion about traveling 55 mph.  Low and behold, right after that little conversation, a person that obviously had no respect for others, passed us and showed us the middle finger! Maybe I'm old fashioned, just a 43 year old lady trying to be a good role model for my teenagers while driving.  I do know that my 14 year old son is watching all of my moves.  It's a given, teens watch and do practice what they see!  People, if we don't slow down a get a grip~ we are not gonna be around to enjoy life.  Just my thoughts as I was cruising down the highway- and this is Iowa folks, not a big city- just a two lane highway!  After All, It's All In A Mom's Day, Right?


  1. The speed limits aren't really the issue. It's going with the flow of traffic that is the biggest factor in safety. And like it or not, if someone is going the speed limit while everyone else is 10 MPH above (which is more often than not the case, at least where I live), the person driving slower is the hazard.

    The answer is yes, I am in a hurry. So are most people. I may drive fast, but I drive safe, and I find it's usually the elderly, slow ass drivers in my area who gum up the works more than anyone.

  2. I never understood speed limits and was guilty of believing if the limit was 55 I could get away with 65. That was until I avoid an accident in the middle of the road, caught the curb, rolled my car, and was doing 45 at the time... Totaled the car but I walked away - I would not have if I had been doing my normal 65... Speed limits have a purpose and everyone needs to adhere to them not complain about the 'elderly' who is obeying the law.

  3. I do have issues with people who do not use turn signals, especially when I am waiting on them so I can decide what I am doing next.

    Elderly at 43? Holy crap! I'm darn near dead at 44 :)

  4. Faith: Speed limits are generally for cops to make ticket quotas. And while I'm happy you're OK after your crash, people have walked away from 100 MPH crashes and died while going 30 MPH. Sometimes it's all about luck.

    All I'm saying is if drivers are going above the speed limit but operating safely within the flow of traffic, many times it's the person driving slower who is the problem. And for me, I live in a region that is filled with old people, many of whom should not even have a license, and the elderly are indeed part of the problem so I will absolutely complain about them.

  5. DaddyFiles,

    Have you ever considered moving elsewhere?

  6. You are so right about this one! It's really bad here in NJ, but then people were like that in our rural town of AR too. Good for you for teaching your kids to be safe and courteous on the road. Some people really need to relearn those rules!


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