Thursday, May 27, 2010

End of the School year~Are you doing a happy dance?

OK~ I'm wondering how many Moms in the world are doing a happy dance now that the school year is wrapping up?  I'm guessing there are more happy dances when August rolls around.  Summertime brings family fun, but it also brings stressful times for many parents.  The thought of ,"What is my child going to do all summer?"  Enroll them in a reputable day care program- sure, that works for some.  If they are older- how about checking into some volunteer opportunities within your community.Summer camps- scouting, church, and a few schools offer these types of opportunities.  But remember, kids won't usually seek these out- It's up to parents to find these things!

I know that the fishing lines need to be untangled at this house, a treehouse needs some serious repairs, a golf ball retriever needs to be purchased,  kittens need some attention and a lot of lawn needs to be mowed.  Our 15 year old should, the key word here, should be busy!

A good old fashioned Iowa Summer~ here we come!  I'm sure lots of rocks will be tossed into streams, hay will be bailed, and a run-in with a raccoon will surely occur~ always does........After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. schools oput for summer, whoopee traffic will be lighter here LOl xxxx

  2. We are very happy that school's out! My middle schooler was starting to get antsy with all the homework. We plan on visits to the library, pool time, and maybe some day trips.

  3. hey there,
    i love when school is out, i love not having to wake up at dawn to get everything ready and everyone out... i love being able to be a little lazy and read more, and play with my girls... ok the little one now big one play = going to the mall and shopping lol... but time for that too, but now that she's a college grad looking for a job is taking up her summer! have a great holiday weekend! :)


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