Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's Sunday morning~ where is everyone?

OK~ I sat in church on Sunday looking around me.......Within my view, there was one baby and several adults.  That was it.  For our children's sermon there were maybe 7 kids, I could not see the actual number from where I was seated.  Granted, we are not in church every Sunday, but do go rather frequently. If we are not at church, we are at Sunday School.  Garrett & I have both helped with Sunday School throughout the year, as several others have.  As with any group I've been involved in~Why is it that the same people are always the same ones to step up to the plate to help?  I've wondered this for years.

I look at our church- it is an older congregation.  There are definitely more people 65+ than 10 and under- with a ratio of probably 10:1.  I wonder where all the younger people are.....I personally think it reflects upon the inmportance that our society has put on sports.  Many families that attended church when their kids were younger, are now transporting their family to an out of town sporting even for the week-end. 

I also looked around to see where the Confirmands were from the year before.  Garrett's confirmation class had almost 20 kids in it.  Where are they- Where have they been throughout the whole year?  Most have been committed to their Sports activities- Does anybody else see what is wrong with this picture?

I guess my age is showing- and our boys have never been the "star" athlete.  Therefore, I cannot relate to all the money and time that is spent traveling all over the state on week-end after week-end.  Our world today is so complex- our kids and families need their churches more so than ever before.

I wonder what the future of our church holds.....will it exist?  How will it exist?  Any thoughts on how to "round up" these lost Confirmands from a year ago?  Any ideas on how to get them to set foot into the building on Sunday mornings?

On a positive note, our Wed. night youth group has grown from a couple kids to @ 10 kids within a couple years.  We must be doing something right- Now, how do we get families to step back into the church on Sunday mornings?  This Mom is perplexed- as usual!  After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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