Saturday, May 15, 2010

My thoughts on this massive oil spill

OK~ I was watching a news show last evening about the oil spill that we are currently watching in the Gulf of Mexico.  Now, living in Iowa, I will not directly see the impact of this.  But, I will indirectly feel the impacts of it.  There is no doubt in my mind......I like to eat shrimp- I'm guessing the price of shrimp will go up and I believe everyone is scared as to what will happen to the price of oil.

What's interesting to me is that the oil company and scientists are at odds as to how much oil is leaking out every day.  From 5000 gallons to 70,000 gallons~ I'm not a Mathematician and I can tell you that 65,000 gallons is a big difference.  But, when you look at the size of the ocean, it's probably the size of a pin head.

Look at all of the chaos that this leak is causing.  We are now almost one month into this escapade and we still have oil leaking into the Gulf waters.  I understand we have never had anything like this happen~ But, I do believe oil companies should have a plan in place when these accidents occur- they are accidents- and that means it can happen anytime.  Maybe from now on there will be laws in place which require oil companies to have plans for these accidents. Maybe 11 people would not have had to die while out on that oil rig. My understanding is this was an accident, but to the best of my knowledge, has not been disclosed.

Think of the tourism dollars lost, lives that were lost, jobs lost, and all of the damage to the life in the water, life along the shore lines, and the beauty of these beaches.  I'm just glad I did not have a vacation planned to the Gulf Shores~ feel bad for those that do.  Iowa isn't looking so bad after all!  Just gonna kick back and enjoy Iowa~ After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Great post, You said it all in a nutshell Sara! I couldn't agree more. This really makes me sick to think of all that it has and will destroy in the future. An accident or not, A plan should always be in place with such a huge business and knowing what if? Well the what if happened and now no one knows how to cap this problem. Just sad all the way around.

  2. Its disgusting, the huge oil companies must take action, great post sara xx


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