Monday, May 31, 2010

What's a teacher to do?

OK~ I'm listening to the news in the background and I hear "Schools are scrambling for high test scores, due to NCLB." No Child Left Behind, in this Mom's opinion, has left more children behind than ever before.  As a Mom to a 15 and 19 year old, I can tell you that when my boys have taken tests, it is up to them to complete the test- not their teachers, not their parents, not the government- the whole test is up to them to complete.

Reality from this Mom's point of view is that many teens just flat out do NOT want to be in school.  So, how on earth is a teacher supposed to encourage the importance of doing well on a test? We, as a society, cannot make our kids be something they are not.  The fact that so much $$$ is dependent on these silly test scores is crazy- yep, I said it, "SILLY TEST SCORES!"  Not every kid tests well.  I happen to know a 14 year old who is a Straight A student and does not do well on these so called standardized tests.

In Iowa our schools are cutting jobs left and right~ as there is no money.  My heart goes out to any young person graduating from college with a teaching degree~ I have a feeling they won't find a job in Iowa- they will definitely have to move elsewhere.  Not a good thing for our aging state.....

I am not an educator, just a Mom that does not feel that funding for schools should be placed upon these scores.  I know many teens that want to be in school, but I also know many that despise getting out of bed to head to school each day.  The fact that some of these kids actually show up for school is an accomplishment in itself.  So- what is a teacher to do?  As a Mom, I'm not sure what can be done~ I have many teacher friends that work hard day in and day out...and they cannot force a student to perform well on a test that they do NOT wish to take! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. I agree with you. I also think that you cannot standardize learning. We should be moving in the opposite direction. Some kids learn by doing, some by reading, some by being flexibility, not standardization, is key.

    Also, No Child Left behind is an unfunded federal mandate. Well, I won't get all political.


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