Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Mom, A Boy, A Dog, AND a Cat~

OK~ I am leisurely hanging out in the hammock.  The only sunny, warm day we have had in approximately a week.  I am listening to all of the birds chirping and looking to see if I actually see any of them.  Then I think to myself, "This is how I know I am getting old- I am now a bird watcher!"

Still sinking further into that comfy hammock and I hear, "Mom, Look here!"  Garrett has tossed Tree Cat up into a tree- yep, we do have a cat named Tree Cat.  Skipper then begins to bark ferociously at Tree Cat~ I am now trying to hear if anymore bird chirps exist amongst the chaos!  Tree Cat does climb up into trees on his own, but Garrett likes to find him his own special hang out! Between these cats, dogs, and a 15 year old, this Mom is having an interesting summer.

Now, if we can actually have summer~ Note to rain and wind- this is not Spring anymore MOVE ON!  The crops in Iowa have had ample rain and are growing rather quickly, warmer weather seems to be what they need. And to add to the chaos~ a new cat has appeared this morning~ Ugghhhh~  After All, It's All In A Mom's Day, Right?


  1. I guess I'm showing my age too as I've recently acquired a cool new bird feeder and bird bath LOL.

    I grew up in Iowa and most of my family still lives there :) (just thought I'd throw that in there)

    Have a pleasant rest of your week :)

  2. lol very funny dear, happy friday.


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