Thursday, July 15, 2010

Teens and Texting

OK~ The news in Mechanicsville, Iowa is grim.  Just July 1, a new law went into effect that states minors can no longer text while driving.  On July 5, a lively 17 year old teenager was texting while driving.....she is no longer with us.  Teens, as well as adults, are engrossed in texting 24/7.  We, as adults, need to lead by example and NOT text while driving.  The law in Iowa does not pertain to adults, but it sure wouldn't hurt any of us to NOT text while driving.  We all know that cell phones are attached to the hips of our teens- but, we really need to find something different for them to think about.

This young, lively 17 year old was on her way to the store to buy pink frosting for a cake she was baking with her boyfriend.  To top things off, she was not wearing a seat belt.  This young lady was ejected from the car, and died from her injuries.

The complete story can be read here ~ in the Des Moines Register.

Many argue that eating, putting on makeup, dealing with kids, etc.....all can lead to accidents as well.  If we educate our teens and let them know that teens ARE dying because of texting while driving~ it just might sink in!  As with the usage of seat belts, it took years for drivers to accept the fact to buckle up.  The irony here, this teen didn't buckle up either.  We have a long way to go when it comes to teens and driving in Iowa.....My own family has been touched through the death of our 17 year old nephew~in 2005, in an auto accident~ He was wearing a seatbelt, was not texting, but did lose control of his car................

So sad........My prayers go out to this family that lost this vibrant young lady!  Texting while driving kills~ it's as simple as that! I am kind of happy that Garrett (who is 15) has not touched his cell phone all week- I've noticed it on his dresser in his room.......Not a bad habit!  After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. My prayers go out to this family. This is so sad and you have excellent points here. When I am driving, I give my phone to my daughter or son to hold and answer for me should anyone text me. If I am alone I pull off to the side in case it is one of my children. Texting and driving is so dangerous, as is not wearing a seat belt. Thanks Sara for pointing all this out and reminding everyone so that lives are saved!

  2. That is so sad. I'll admit, I have the urge to look at a text when my phone beeps as I'm driving. But I do ignore it, because the consequences of distracted driving can be awful.

    We have a driving contract for our 16 year old. It outlines all of the ways teens can be distracted while driving (texting, calling, messing with music/iPod, etc.) We've had some frightening situations with my daughter and her driving, so hopefully some of this will begin to sink in for her.


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