Saturday, July 3, 2010

Teens and this new Iowa cell phone law

OK~ We all know that we all probably should not do it!  It's probably best to get in the habit NOW~ Do NOT talk, or text on your cell phone while driving!  In Iowa teens 17 and under can no longer use their cell phones while driving.  So, how do we adjust the minds of our teens~ It's gonna be tough for a lot of these "addicted" teens to give this up.

A thought:  Have teens turn their phones off and place them out of reach when they get behind the wheel of the car.  The temptation to make a call, send a text, answer a call will NOT be there.  I also think that we as a society need to get used to the fact that people, of all ages, are NOT available 24/7.  With all of this new technology, we all expect everyone to be available to us ALL the time!  This also needs to change.

Ahhhhh.........back to the days of a corded house phone- no cell phones- could you go back to that time?  Could you adjust?  I think I'd have a hard time adjusting, but would like feeling unconnected to technology now and then!

Here, in Iowa, adults might as well step up to the plate,as well.  Set an example to your teens.  Remember, just as parents have eyes in the back of their heads, our teens are also watching our EVERY move!  Therefore, all drivers need to turn their cell phones off and put them out of reach when they get into the car.
After All, It's All In a Mom's Day!


  1. Here in Ontario, Canada they passed a law this year making it illegal for any driver to talk on a phone or text or even play with a gps or mp3 player if it is not hands free.

    It is a fine of $155.00 but it is not stopping a lot of people, but it does make sense and is a deterent to most.
    Wilfred Reinke

  2. I do have to giggle at "Ahhhhh.........back to the days of a corded house phone- no cell phones- could you go back to that time?"

    I live in that time- I have 2 phones -one on wall in kitchen, on in living room hooked to the wall. It's rather enjoyable to leave the house, not have calls except when the answering machine replays them.

    I agree wholeheartedly with the ban- can any of you say you havent almost been Tboned or hit by a distracted driver? I know I have! And when it happens, I am gonna throw their phone/device so far they wont be able to find it. And if they do find it if I can walk, I will stomp it like a bug.

    I see distracted driving the same as drunk driving- dont do it. Period. And just like drunks, most think their driving skills arent impaired- trust me, they are.


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