Monday, July 26, 2010

This frontload washer~ UGGHHHHHHH

OK~ Most of you know that this washing machine has been a royal pain in my hubby's side!  Well, more water was leaking out of this crazy thing!  We now have two tire patches (or are there 3) in this rubber drum thing? This was the latest one.  Washer is on hold until all is dry!  Fingers crossed that it will not leak!  I'm assuming something keeps poking holes in this rubber drum- I can't imagine what life must be like for a Mom with little kids.  My boys are 19 & 15 and the occasional pen makes it through the wash. I do believe a pen was a culprit for one of the holes.  Not sure how this new one even came to exist!  Moms with little kids must go nuts, as I know that little kids bring home tons of things in their pockets.  But then again, maybe those Moms have time to make sure ALL pockets are empty!  Maybe I better get better at that!  After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. Yes, that would be scary to see if your kids were younger!! Hope the patches work for you! :o)


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